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Neon Myth

Started by Mizukane, December 16, 2006, 07:29:49 PM

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I have recently initiated a new Forum based Role Play named Neon Myth.

The story successfully combines fantasy with science fiction.
It takes place in the world of Xanthus, a barren and nearly lifeless wasteland, blighted by an ancient disaster.
The various sentient beings that survived divided themselves. There was, and still is, friction between the non magical Humanoids and the magical Veneficus.
Gang War was thriving and rivalries were increasing. The crudely formed Government had to resort to drastic measures to try and contain them.
They turned to a popular politician, Simon K. Warner, who promised to end the rivalries were he elected High Monarch.
Now the ruler of Xanthus, most regard Warner as a cruel dictator (although never aloud) and the situation between the Humanoids and Veneficus has hardly improved.
This is where the Roleplay begins.
(For full details, see synopsis)

It's still very young and has only recently been made available for the public. I am very interested to see if anybody is interested to take part.