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[Dust Devils]: Updated release date?

Started by Jake Boone, March 01, 2007, 09:09:54 PM

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Jake Boone

I have money burning a hole in my PayPal account, and I desperately want to spend it on the revised edition of Dust Devils.  Any news concerning the release date?

Matt Snyder

Hello, Jake.

Dust Devils "Revenged" print edition is currently at the printers. They are resolving an minor priting error, but once fixed they will move to print the product. That should take a couple weeks.

I have received the proofs. Minus the odd printing error, the proof is gorgeous. I'm VERY excited to release this game. It's going to be a very nice product.

I have no specific release date at this time. I expect it may take up to the end of March to get it to IPR and my home address for shipping to eager hands!
Matt Snyder

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I don't get giddy about game books, as I have more than enough on my shelf right now but Dust Devil was my first indie RPG and has some sentimental, I want to get my Deadwood on and there's no game closer to Al Swerengen's heart than this one.