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Author Topic: Connection problems  (Read 2321 times)
GB Steve

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« on: September 07, 2005, 10:24:53 AM »

I had a hard time connecting just now. I kept getting a page with not much on except a short message at the top saying all the connections were busy. Obviously I'm on now so it's not an issue but I thought you might like to know.


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« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2006, 06:27:25 PM »

So I've been for a long time wanted to create an RPG where the characters where hybrids of mortal and spirit, but have gone through many different ideas for settings.  I've finally come up with one I'm really liking so far, though its just a very basic idea right now.  However I want to know people's general thoughts on the idea, and if it is too close to something that has all ready been done, and if so maybe some ideas on how I could change it to be different enough.  So here's some of my basic ideas.

Demigods are the primary heroes and villains in Pantheonverse, struggling to understand their purpose and what they are, coping with having both human frailties, and inhuman powers.

   Demigods are immortal spirits born into mortal form, creating a being that is a hybrid of flesh and blood creature, and spirit.  Spirits are capable of possessing living creatures, but such a being must cope with the soul of the mortal creature, which will in most cases be constantly be warring against the spiritual parasite, or they can expel the mortal soul in which case they do not retain the mortal’s memories, or any of their skills.  A mortal body also is ill-suited to cope with the sudden entry of an inhuman spiritual presence and risks being burned out by it. 
   Demigods which are born into mortal flesh however are truly bonded with their mortal coil, and they have no mortal soul to compete with.  Demigods may grow up feeling “different” but are typically unaware of their inhuman nature until metamorphosis.  Their bodies will not be burned out by their spiritual presence as they grow in power, as it was shaped by their spiritual presence since it first started forming in the womb.
Without a physical body, spirits can only interact with physical worlds in a very limited manner.

The Pantheonverse
Pantheonverse is made up of many interconnected realities, each created by a different pantheon of gods, and spirits (for example there is a reality that was created by the Greek gods, and Greek myth is literal truth in this reality).  Each reality is made up of a physical realm, as well as spiritual realms.  One reality connects all these realities, the Nexus.  The Nexus is very similar to our own, it shares our geography, and our history, however magic, spirits, and mythical beasts are very real even on the Nexus, all though their powers are weakened while on the Nexus.  Unlike the other realities, the Nexus was not created by any single pantheon, indeed the nature its creation is a mystery.  On the Nexus all though their powers are less than else where spirits of many pantheons interact more frequently than else where.  Most mortals on the Nexus are unaware of the supernatural beings in their midst, but in the other realities mortals are very much aware of the supernatural, and the magical holds more power.

Trans-reality portals

Trans-reality portals allow beings to pass from one reality to another. Trans-reality portals may occur on seemingly their own, or be created by magic.  It is said that when the Panethonverse was new naturally occurring portals were common and stable, but now they are rare, and often random.  Portals take many forms, appearing as visual distortions, worm holes, but sometimes mundane objects become portals, and simply walking through a door may mean walking into another reality.
A demigod’s metamorphosis is when their inhuman nature finally manifests.  While Demigods from other realities often have a good idea of what’s happening to them, those from the Nexus usually think they are going insane.  During a metamorphosis the demigod will be overwhelmed by visions related to which pantheon they come from, which may very well include memories of their existence before their mortal birth.  They also for the first time will take their Atavistic form, which is a process which may include involuntarily partially shifting several times, before they finally fully transform. 

Revelation and Disbelief on the Nexus
Anyone whom sees a demigod in their Atavistic form on the Nexus may very well disbelieve what they saw, providing some protection from the mortal population discovering the supernatural beings in their midst.  However certainly not all mundane humans will disbelieve, giving rise to those whom pursue discovering more about demigods, and other magical beings, or even forming groups to study or hunt them down.  Fortunately there are usually not enough people on the Nexus whom would take someone that saw a demigod or other magical being seriously to be a threat.

Affects of the Nexus on magic and supernatural abilities
   The affects of being on the Nexus on magic are evidence that its creator(s) intended it to be a reality where the supernatural had relatively little influence compared to on other realities.  Still the Nexus has long been a meeting place for beings of many realities.  In the long forgotten ancient past the Nexus was also a battle ground for the powers, but to protect it there are spirits and other beings that will harshly punish any magic being that carelessly uses its powers and reveals itself on the Nexus.  On the Nexus humanity truly holds dominion, and their are higher powers that intend for things to stay that way.
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