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Author Topic: [Maelstrom] Rough idea, what do you think?  (Read 2014 times)

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« on: January 03, 2007, 02:21:07 PM »

While reading a book (of the same name as this rpg), an idea came to me.

Before you press the "back" button of your browser, let me attempt to explain something. This is not "The Matrix part XVIII." This is not a "hacker sim." I don't believe a game like this has been done before.

The game world is what is now known as 'the Net.' Through history, it has gone through names more and more accurate. After the Net, there was cyberspace. Space implies large, empty spaces. This description is very inaccurate, so it didn't last. Next was the information superhighway. This is more believable, as information can sometimes be transferred very quickly, but it can also be slowed down to a crawl. Finally, and most accurate of all, is maelstrom. The Maelstrom is a place of activity. Millions of packets are flying by every millisecond. The area is packed. Virii from eons ago (mere seconds to humans) are crushed by newer versions. Inadequate virus scanners unsuccessfully attempt to keep the threats in check.

In this game, players will create virii that have to attempt to survive in this world. There is no real goal, unless the GM establishes one. These could vary from "Break into [x] bank and transfer funds from account [y] to [z]" or "A new, very deadly virus has been created. Hackers across the globe have banded together in an attempt to delete it. You are one of their creations." There is no money in this game. Every PC has a set number of areas that modules can be stored in. New modules, or weapons if you prefer, are taken from deleted programs. Programs are deleted by destroying their core files. These new modules have a small chance of being infected with ancient virii that could potentially be harmful. They could also be shareware programs with crippled abilities. There are no real hit points. Your strength and health are measured by your size in Megabytes. Each module you install increases your size. The modules can range from weapons to XXX advertisements from ancient times that can periodically trick antivirus software.

If you feel you can do better, please do. I'm just throwing an idea out there. If I stick with it, it will most likely never be released.
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