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[DitV] Escalation, Group Conflicts, and Timing. Help!

Started by Web_Weaver, January 13, 2007, 12:17:32 PM

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HI all,

The [Afraid] - Escalation question thread has left me confused when it comes to group conflicts.

Staying focused on DitV for now, because that's what I am playing, lets say the starting arena was Talking, and there are three participants P1, P2, GM.

All roll Acuity + Heart

P1 Raises with a negotiation GM to See.

GM Sees with an obstructive stance

P2 Escalates to Fighting GM to See, and rolls his Body + Will

Does everyone else roll Body + Will straight away at this point. i.e. even though P1 may not be required to See does he roll his Body + Will anyway?

It would seem that the GM must roll his Body + Will here even if he chooses to duck and continue talking (probably swearing or screaming). Does he roll these dice at the same time as the relevant trait dice for his See?

i.e. GM Sees using the NPCs "Agile", and rolls his Body + Will + Agile


The way Dogs is written, P2 and GM have to wait to roll body + will until they make their fighting raises or sees.

The way Afraid will be written, P2 and GM will roll body + will as soon as P1 does. I HAVE NOT PLAYTESTED THIS.

Play the Afraid way at your own risk.

Either way, yes, you roll body + will + agility if you escalate to fighting with an agile fighting raise or see.




Thanks for the swift clarification.

So, it may be feasible in Dogs for a player to never follow an escalation, if he was not effected in the relevant raise, and another raise occurs before he needs to See or Raise. But, in Afraid, this is not possible, as all changes in arena are simultaneous for all players. In effect, you are proposing a more formal arena concept for your new game.