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About that edit button...

Started by YeGoblynQueenne, January 15, 2007, 09:35:52 PM

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It was suggested to me that I should ask about it here as this is the appropriate forum for that kind of stuff. So, first excuse the previous breach of etiquette, I could have thought about it.

Now, could someone please explain to me why is edtiting of posts disabled in the Forge forums? I 'm a sloppy poster and as much as this is my fault, an edit function would have made most of my posts a good deal more readable.


Context from the wayback machine:

Editing posts

and more current (when the forge moved to a new forum software):

Editing posts turned off?

Hope that helps.

The forge works very hard to encourage a "think first, post later" approach.  No edit button is part of that.  If you muck it up the first time, you've gotta live with it more-or-less forever.  It encourages people not to muck things up the second time.



I write games. My games don't have much in common with each other, except that I wrote them.


Yes, I figured it was that way.

Well, if it's the rules of the game, it's the rules of the game. I 'll be more careful to edit everyghint offline before I post.

But of course, nothing is ever perfectly written. If I was a writer, I 'd be one of those who call the publisher with corrections even as the book is going to the printer...

Ron Edwards

Hey, you and me both! As I'm proving with a book this very instant, in fact.

Anyway, James has spoken rightly and provided the right links, so I think all is well. Remember too that everyone knows the editing is turned off, and therefore if you really need to fix a blunder, just post again and no one will think the worse of you. Or if it has to do with formatting like screwing up a bold or quote or whatever, just private-message me and I'll edit it for you.

Best, Ron