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Dogs games in Calgary, Alberta?

Started by Adam Drew, January 16, 2007, 06:39:41 PM

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Adam Drew

Is there anybody out there running Dogs in the Vinyard in or near Calgary, Alberta, Canada? I'm really keen on giving this game a go, and my group is getting more and more resistant to me introducing new games.

Love to hear from anyone who can help.




I'm about 3 hours north in Edmonton, so not directly in a place to help, although I do get down to Calgary from time to time, but I'd suggest poking around at the Sentry Box.  I know they've got a pretty good crew there, and I've bought indy games from them before, so hopefully they can hook you up.. 

If you're ever going to be up in the Edmonton area, PM or e-mail me, and I can definately get you some Dogs play.

hope that helps,

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