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Minmi World - Into Dreams!

Started by Ninetongues, January 31, 2007, 01:29:36 AM

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Yesterday, when I was reading my way through Your ideas here on the Forge I came up with some funny idea for a game.

Im a writer, and I have some very short novels written. There is one very weird, called 'Minmi World'. It's about a shop selling dreams in boxes, like games, to other people. Funny thing is, that every dream is recenzed, and You actually know what You are going to dream of, but still it's quite thrilling - imagine that You could sell Your dreams like that, or buy someone's elses.
So This guy buys a bestseller, called Minmi World. It's just some crazy, 8minute long oniric vision of a goth girl called Minmi. In short, it's something like that:

[The guy is Minmi in that dream]

You run inside and lock the door. Now run to the steel fence in the middle of the room. Watch for the mud, it's slippery... Yeah, now nice slide, and here You are, by the Chicken House. You get the egg, and crack the shell, ready to drink it all up...
But suddenly You hear Him. The Grandpa is coming... So You run to the old roadster standing just there, and roll over the hood... Too far! Crash, Your'e outside again. Seeing street 2km down below..

And so on.

There was another bit of inspiration sleeping in me, for I love 'Vurt' novel by Jeff Noon, and Vurt is nothing else, then dream liquified, and applied on feathers, that You suck, and that kicks You into dream.

So... Imagine RPG where players would choose their own adventure from some 'bestsellers'; players knowing, what exactly is going to happen on the session, players having their favourite 'dreams' they already had, and always wanting some more.

I see it like that:

Players are Dreamers, fans or addicts of Dreams, sold in big shops, like our games. Form of the Dream application doesn't matter for now, it can be a shot, a vial, a pill, lollipop, anything, so let's leave it. They share their dreams, always taking roles offered by the Dream.

They apply the Dream, and... The game starts. They know what's going to happen, but they can try to alter the scenario, using their will. Some dreams may be too hard, and full of death, so they will have to survive somehow.

Oh, I can see the start of character creation..! Actually...
For some time I've been creating that Into Dreams game, which is CCG/RPG mix, but You know... Right now... Lets experiment.

So, we have our Dreamers characters. Each one has some special power in the dream, no matter who is he by the Dream scenario.
Me for example - I always used to fly in most of my dreams, so that would be my feat.

Next, players choose Dream to run, from a 'Cozy Call' the biggest, and the coolest Dream mag. in City. Creators of this game would prepare about 50 random Dream scenarios, described with details and possibilities. So Players choose their adventure there, and go to sleep.
Now in the Dream their one and only target would be to Dream On, and avoid Awakening for all costs. They could fight eachother, try to alter the Dream, interact with Sprites...
Knowing what will happen can make things really interesting. Imagine - Players being killed [and by that - Awakened] on and on, by one really ferocious Dream. But suddenly - someone finds a way to survive part of it. Next time will be easier then! You see what I mean..?

Hell, I even hink that this could run without GM... Or could it..?

Enough of my ideas for now... What do You think? Would it be fun?

Raphael "Nine" Sadowski


that is by far a one of the most unique and intreging game concept i've seen to date. but it being a dream, you'll have to define what will, "wake up" the player. As a game design junky, i will tell you, concepts this off kilter require a light touch and a skillfull hand. you want to give the characters and players all the freedom a dream entails, as well as the disorientation and odd emotions.