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[DiTV] Injury, death and recovery - did we do this right?

Started by phargle, February 20, 2007, 03:45:51 PM

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My character took a lot of physical (non-fighting) fallout during a conflict with a forest.  We were trecking through it to find where the townsfolk were going after dark.  It turned out to be 12d6, which rolled up two sixes - injury.  My body is 2d6, so I rolled that and got a 10 - not enough to avoid it shooting to 16.  My buddy started doing first aid on me.  He rolled my body and his accuity.  The GM rolled 12d6 (my fallout) + demonic influence.  Then my buddy worked to save me, using his own traits, relationships and items. 

Well, he started running out of dice and rolled lots of 1s and 2s, so he decided to use his physical (non-fighting) dice to pick me up and run me back to town.  That gave him enough, but he ended up with a lot of fallout from the saving.  He rolled 9d6 and 7d4 and got two sixes, and rolled his body (6d6) but got an 11 - not enough.  So then HE shot to 16 and needed saving.  At this point, the GM rolled 9d6 + 7d4 + demonic influence.  I was given the roll of the doctor (an NPC), and rolled the doctor's accuity, my buddy's body, and the doctor's traits, relationships and items (as needed).  He ended up getting saved.

Did we do all that correctly?


What were the GM's raises that gave your buddy d6s for fallout?



It was things like him running into branches.  I guess we sort of assumed that, once my buddy started using his physical non-fighting dice, the fallout could reach that level since it's not clear how the environment could escalate in response.  Should the fallout have remained non-physical?

Also, was it correct to use the doctor's traits instead of mine or my buddy's when he was being treated?


Yeah, if the raises were physical, d6 fallout was appropriate, I just wanted to check.

There aren't explicit rules for NPC doctors. You did fine.

If there was any point where the GM went "oh man I wish this were just over," then that's when the GM should have given. Otherwise, yeah, it looks like you did it right.

That's a LOT of fallout between the two of you. I hope it was worth it!



Thanks very much for the responses.  And it was worth it:  we discovered what the townsfolk were hiding, and our brushes with death highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of our two characters nicely.


I should also note, as this is our second town, that the magnitude of the fallout drove home the point that we could have, at any time, given.  Up 'til now, we've almost always played for keeps and pulled out all the stops on each conflict.  The idea that we should sometimes give up hasn't come up 'til now.


After looking at the possibility for an infinite loop, I assumed that treating someone couldn't generate potentially lethal fallout.