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I've just discovered Trollbabe

Started by Astaryll, February 22, 2007, 04:49:51 PM

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Hi everyone,

I was recently browsing the net looking for something new to try out with my roleplaying group for when my V:TM campaign finishes in a couple of sessions time, and heard that "Trollbabe" made for a really exciting storytelling game, and even the title of the game intrigued me a bit! Digging a bit deeper, I ended up at the Adept Press site, and that led me here. I read what people here have said about it and decided this would be a great change from the games we've been playing recently.

I mentioned it to my group, and once I'd got past the initial snickers, everyone agreed that it has the potential to make a really exciting campaign. My group tends to prefer descriptive storytelling games anyway, and giving them even more input into how the drama unfolds can only be a good thing. So I bought the PDF the other day and have since then been trying to get my head round the system. We're due to start a week next Sunday, and we're all really looking forward to it. (Although I'm a bit worried that some people are getting too excited about it, and it'll ruin my grand Vampire season finale!)

On a side-note, while doing a little background reading, I was looking through the comics on the Adept Press site, but it seems that some of the links no longer work.- these links seem like they should take you to you the artist's site, but as they are a few years old, some of the sites are no longer there.

Would it be possible to re-post the comics on the main site, or are there any copyright reasons prohibiting this? In particular, the missing comics are "Sex, Death and Music", "Holy Trollers", "The Naked Helpless Sacrifice Scene" and "Vengeance is Mine, Saith the Worm". Is there anywhere else these comics could be found? I've really enjoyed reading the rest of them, but from what I've read on these forums, you need to read all of them to fully understand what's going on!

Anyway, I've ranted enough now, I'm off to polish off the final details of my campaign finale.

Ron Edwards

Hooray!! It's wonderful that you've found my game and even more so (for me) that you've taken the time to read through some posts.

I agree with you about the comics; I've watched stories slowly disappear and it's a great sorrow for me. I'll try to hunt down the missing ones.

Please let me know if you have any concerns or questions.

Best, Ron


Thanks Ron,

And I've managed to find two of the missing comics online -

There's a copy of Sex and Death with Music at Daedalus, at

And The Naked Helpless Sacrifice Scene is hidden away at Colin Theriot's new site, at

Just two more to go...

Ron Edwards

Hi there,

I found'em! It will require a little confusion, but now all the missing strips are located, and I hope to get them all linked at the site within a few days.

Best, Ron