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[DitV] Dogs as a Play by Post game?

Started by yangnome, February 24, 2007, 04:46:27 PM

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I'm wondering if anyone has successfully run a DitV (or varient) PbP game.  I'm putting together a varient game and want to try it out before running it in person.  Anyone with experience have any tips or tricks to make it successful?


I ran a game that went great, all things considered.

My main problem was slow players holding up the game.  Because of that, many of the conflicts were probably too "big", but I didn't want to draw one scene out into a three week project.  Eventually I lost all of my players and had to just end it.  Sad.  At least it was close to the "end" though.

The forum we used had built-in dice-rollers which were helpful, as well as a couple of formatting tools to separating IC and OOC and metagame information, but if you have an external dice-roller, or you just trust your players, you could certainly do without them.

The hardest part, I think, is getting people to understand the basic dice rules.  If you can get that out of the way in person, or in chat, before the PBP, that will probably be useful.
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