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Couple of Questions

Started by xenopulse, March 08, 2007, 04:02:01 PM

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You will probably be able to point me to threads discussing this before, but I couldn't find them on my own.

Over on IWKFAM, you wrote:

Quotethe dice don't tell you what your character can't do, only what your character can't do to win. "I argue with you for six more hours, but you're too stupid to see reason, so finally I wash my hands of you" is a give.

Here are my questions:

1) Can my character still act even if I gave?  That is, do I get to narrate my character being there, talking, shooting, whatever, just without having the ability to affect the outcome of the conflict?

2) How do I best square your solution with having multiple Dogs involved in the conflict?  In the example I gave, there were three Dogs in the conflict.  Now if one of them used the give you propose, that kind of implies that the NPC will argue with everyone for the next six hours, will not be shot in the meantime, and so on.  In other words, it might constrain the other Dogs' actions.  How is that best handled?

Thanks :)


1) Absolutely. In fact your character can still affect the outcome, by being an active participant in others' raises and sees, it's just that you yourself don't have any dice.

Your Dog and Mitch's Dog, Br. Ben, are the Dogs. You say, "I'll pin his arms, Ben you let him have it!" Mitch says, "yeah!" and puts forward dice.

Don't ask me whether, having dropped out of a conflict, your character gets to contribute dice later in the same conflict as an improvised belonging. I'll just make something up, like "yes" or "no," and you're better off deciding for yourself case by case.

2) "I would argue with you for six more hours before I gave up and washed my hands of you."

The "would" allows the other people at the table to either go along with the six-hour argument or interrupt it.



Cool.  I didn't get 1) from the text, but maybe I need to re-read it.  Incidentally, that's exactly how I'm explicitly handling it in Beast Hunters: resource-less characters participating in other players' maneuvers.  It's a good thing Dogs is already listed in the inspiration section :)