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GenCon: will the Wheel be there?

Started by Hans, April 02, 2007, 09:56:09 AM

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I have just one question, Alexander...will the roulette wheel be at GenCon this year?  If so, I want to know when and where, because I and two friends will be there.
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Now that finals are almost over and I no longer feel like I'm swimming in molasses, I'm surfacing to answer this.  Sorry it's been taking so long.

I'll be in Spain from June 1st to July 22nd, for school, studying Spanish. My plan is to have recovered from that trip in time to get to GenCon, although sadly I'll be missing the Sunday night close-out festivities again since this year, school starts the very next day.  I should be there at least Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, and probably Wednesday night as well - I'm only now starting to pursue living arrangements.  And hells yes, the wheel is coming with me.  No question about it.
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