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How to play Nicotine Girls?

Started by Jiri Petru, April 06, 2007, 04:11:44 PM

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Jiri Petru

How to play Nicotine Girls?

I know this sounds strange... but really, how? There's absolutely no advice in the game rules of how to play it, how to frame scenes, who states what, etc. I've played I think 5 sessions already, each one with different setup of game mechanics and a slighty different gaming style (I've even posted to Actual Play about our first 2 sessions), and already have my own rules variant slowly emerging somewhere in the back of my brain. I'd like to put in on a paper someday, but before I actually write something, I'd really appreciate some input from the author himself and other players as well.

So, ahem... Paul?



Jiri Petru

I don't mean to be rude, but... Paul, I'd really appreciate your opinion on this one.





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hope this isn't too much of a thread-jack...

if it is, just have a Moderator erase this post

so... since I only play one-shots these days, is there any way to play NG as a one-shot?

I guess I'm specifically asking about the possibility of modifying these rules:

If a character uses Hope as their Motivation in a conflict, and fails the roll, they may not use Hope again as a Motivation for the rest of the game session. If a character uses Hope as their motivation in a conflict, and the roll is successful, the character's Fear goes down by 1. A nicotine girl who uses her Hope in a game session and makes it through that whole session without losing her Hope gains an increase of 1 Hope.

perhaps replace "session" with "next two scenes"?

Jiri Petru

Steve, thanks for the link. It sure is helpful.

JC, I've played Nicotine Girls... uh... a few times already, and always as an one-shot. I am that kind of player, too. What we did was that we divided the session into two or three "virtual sessions". Basically, we "ended" one session after about two hours in a dramatically appropriate moment. Then reset the Hope and began a new session.

By the way, I think the rules for Hope are broken. It gets to be used only one time each session - and a rule that's used only one per session is pretty much useless by my standards. I think I've made up some rules variant for this, but I can't quite find my notes. Ahem...