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The Sultan's Court - share your Courtiers!

Started by Meguey, August 24, 2006, 07:39:33 PM

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There are a lot of people at Court. Let's put them here. Names are optional, but make sure to include the role (Cook, Dancer, etc.) If it's ok for someone else to play the Courtier, just say so. I'll start off with the Courtiers I made for use in GenCon demos, all of which may be used in your games:

The 3rd Wife of the Sultan, Raziya bint Mahmoud ibn Umar Al-Hakam
Hearing – In my dreams, I hear weeping
Sight – I have features uncommon in Court.
Smell – My most favorite scent is lillies at dawn, with the first sun on them.
Taste – I like puzzles and interesting questions.
Touch – No one can touch me without the Sultan's permission.
Clothing – I wear a veil of saffron silk over a kaftan of marigold, all trimmed with golden patterns.

The Hostage Prince, Maliek Al-Azhar
Hearing – People belive strange things about me.
Sight – I am handsome and aloof.
Smell – The smell of blood repulses me.
Taste – I can't stand this ridiculous food.
Touch – My skin is smooth and my muscles are fliud and strong.
Clothing – I wear an emerald ring with my father's seal, and an aba (cape-like wrap) of fine rich wool, edged in silver.

The Dancer, Kalilah
Hearing – I wear rows of bells in my clothes to announce my presence.
Sight – My eyes are warm and friendly, and I miss very little.
Smell – Cinnamon and roses scent my skin.
Taste – I love almonds and honey, and I have a diserning eye.
Touch – My hands are stronger than they look
Clothing – I wear a sheer garnet-red suriya mabdu (long loose-fitting top) over gold silk libas (really full pants), with a black velvet vest trimmed in red gems.

The Cook, Daoud Ibn Rashid
Hearing – I love music, and play a little.
Sight – I know a man's appetites by the way he moves.
Smell – I can smell trouble like too much salt in the broth.
Taste – I am uninterested in being fashionable.
Touch – I have deep scars on my arms.
Clothing – My turban is blue, pale with age, but spotlessly clean and perfectly folded.

The Astrologer, Hadeel bint Hamad
Hearing – I am hard to surprise.
Sight – I have seen death.
Smell – Strong smells upset me.
Taste – I crave new experiences.
Touch – I touch things constantly
Clothing – I wear a deep purple abaya (fitted gown) embroiderd heavily with black and silver. My hands are decorated with henna and gold rings.

The Master of Horse, Abdul Basir
Hearing – I am growing hard of hearing
Sight – I have a piercing gaze
Smell – I smell always of leather and animals.
Taste – I smoke a pipe.
Touch – I can tell the quality of a horse by the feel of it's coat.
Clothing – I wear a kaftan of green and white, and a short horse-whip in my belt.


I'm going to ruthlessly grab some characters that have been made public elsewhere on the Forger. If your character is here and you'd rather it wasn't, cool, just ask.


The astrologer Sidi ibn Tayyib, awfully young, wearing a fine mashala (orig. Ron Edwards)
Hearing: I sit quietly
Sight: I don't see people, I see their stars
Smell: My robes are new
Taste: I love cardamon buns
Touch: I don't touch other people

Perviz - Middle aged - Cook (orig. Tim C Kopang)
Hearing - I overhear all of the palace rumors
Sight - I know what you need by the way you look
Touch - I have a lover's touch
Taste - I adore roasted meats
Smell - I can identify any spice by its scent alone
I wear a ghutra.

Name: Zara Ghassani (orig. Caesar X)
Position: the Sultan's crier
Hearing: I love the sound of my own voice
Sight: I see approaching ships before anyone else
Smell: The smell of horses nauseates me
Taste: The taste of coffee relaxes me
Touch: I strike the man who touches me
Clothing: Libas (pants) of fine black silk and a red sash to remember my dead father

Name: Ahmed Al-Rashadi (orig. Caesar X)
Position: the Sultan's barber
Hearing: I hear when the Sultan calls me
Sight: I see beauty in all women
Smell: I love the smell of sweet tea
Taste: I taste the moonlight on my tongue
Touch: I love the feel of a smooth face
Clothing: Taksirah (vest) in dark blue and browns


To make these fully useful, your players should select their Courtier, determine Envies and Ambitions, and you're good to go. Feel totally free to use the ones I posted in the OP - the others are more by way of example, as they are the characters of the credited authors.