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Re: Game of the Month!

Started by greuh, April 30, 2007, 10:58:28 AM

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Shooting the Moon not only is the game of the month for march at, but it enlists it for the GRoG d'Or prize with the 11 other games of the month :
Cadwallon (Rackham) - France
Exalted (White Wolf / Hexagonal) - USA
Final Frontier (John Doe) - France
Humanydyne (7ème Cercle) - France
Le Magicien d'Oz (7ème Cercle) - France
Maléfices (Editions du Club Pythagore) - France
Nightprowler (2D sans Faces) - Switzerland
Ptolus (White Wolf) - USA
Runequest (Mongoose Publishing) - United Kingdom
Shooting the Moon (Black & Green Games) - USA
Warhammer (Black Industries / Bibliothèque Interdite) - United Kingdom
World of Darkness (White Wolf / Hexagonal) - USA


Emily Care

Thanks Steve and greuh.  I'm very honored to have Shooting the Moon chosen.  Guide du Roliste is a great site. Makes me want to brush up on my francais.

For some reason, I can't seem to see the first post of this thread. If others are having the same issue, it's not just you. :)

Koti ei ole koti ilman saunaa.

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