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Attempting to gather interested people (Kayfabe Efed)

Started by Aidan, April 29, 2007, 06:18:09 PM

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Hello all -

I've recently purchased the Kayfabe PDF with the intention of running an e-fed off of the wonderful ruleset provided by it.  I've had some involvement in efeds over the past ten years and currently run a community dedicated to bringing a bunch of feds together.  With the success that community has had it's time to try something different, hence Kayfabe.

If anyone is particularly interested in this sort of thing I'd like to hear from you.  Our sites are developed and have a lot to offer even the casual wrestling gamer or wrestling enthusiast.  Because I haven't asked the owner of the forge or Matt if I can directly advertise here I don't want to assume that I can do so and as such won't post a direct link.

Please contact me via this linked email address and I'll gladly point you in the right direction.  I'm hoping to start this fed in three weeks tops as all the back coding and other internet noonah is done.  I just need enthused people that are familiar with the game to enhance those I have who have never played before.

Hope to hear from you


Matt Gwinn

I don't mind if you post a link.  There have been quite a few attempts to get a Kayfabe E-fed going, with minimal success; I hope yours does better.  I'll try to put together a list of other players from my yahoo group that have tried in the past.

Kayfabe: The Inside Wrestling Game
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Fair enough then; thank you.

I've a couple links and caveats.  First link goes to the community site supporting about 20 or so e-feds.  That is Wrestling 3:16 at  You'll need to register an account there to take part in the federation as I've built the site around the user tables built in to Vbulletin.  All current gameplay and roster building will take part in the WWR forum (Wrestling Project!)

The next link is to the resource site dedicated to the Wrestling! Project and WWR.  That's a customized mediawiki located at  I'd expect a top level domain name will be registered for that directory soon enough, but for now it'll give people an idea of what's to come.  This particular site is a bit empty; but that changes with the adding of players and roster building to occur on the forums.

Thanks for your time Matt and look forward to hearing from you in regards to the player list.



Left out a very important point.  For best results in display and function you're going to want to avoid Internet Explorer on the Reference site.  You'll get a great looking and working site by using Firefox.  This isn't to say that anything won't work using IE.  I've corrected all the functional glitches.  You will notice that things don't look as good in IE and well, that's really the fault of Microsoft for not following W3C standards with their interpretation coding.

Firefox on PC = OK,  Firefox on Mac = Great.  IE on Mac - Not supported anymore by Microsoft,  IE on PC = Ehh.