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Resources trait for promotions

Started by Aidan, May 06, 2007, 06:25:41 PM

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Hi Matt -

I've noticed that all promotion traits except resources have example ranges to aid in gameplay on page 58.  Is this intentional?  Without the ranges I find knowing what is supposed to be an average amount of resources difficult.  Can you fill me in?


BTW.  We're getting along pretty well with the efed idea.  Thanks for your support.

Matt Gwinn

Sorry about the slow reply Aidan.

There really isn't a definite average as a resource trait can range from 1 to infinity (though unlikely to ever get that high unless you are playing a Sci-Fi promotion).  The Resources trait can fluctuate significantly based on a few factors, the most significant being the kind of promotion and whether or not you have a TV deal.  It can also be increased with Assets like Backer or Commercial Rights.

Whether or not your promotion has a TV deal is a better gauge of how successful it is.  if you really need a chart, assume that any promotion with a resources less than 5 is a small potatos local promotion.  6 to 10 would be a regional promotion, while 11 or more would be known nationally.  Once you get in the 20 range your promotion is known outside the country, and once you get past 50 or so you are a household name.  It's really kind of subjective.

A promotion's Resources trait can only increase through the process of getting TV deals (page 68).  A promotion with a national TV deal and a few Assets can have a resources trait upwards of 20, which would bring in about $10,000 per show to put towards Payroll (page 70).  Keep in mind that is just to pay characters and doesn't include any profits used for the day to day expenses of running a promotion.  I'd wager that the old ECW should have been around a 20 Resources, but was more likely running somewhere around a 15 in its final days. 

Now, if you want to have a promotion like WWE you're talking multiple TV deals in different countries which will double, triple or even quadruple that amount.  A promotion that size could theoretically have a resources trait of 100 or more.  In a Sci-Fi game (which I'm eager to see someone run) your Resources trait can become asronomical as your show can be broadcat on multiple planets throughout the galaxy.  To be honest, I'm not sure how well the advanced rules hold up at that level as the game was designed around indy promotions.

Hope that helped.

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Thanks Matt,

No worries regarding the slow reply.  I've been busy too and am only now seeing it.  I'll post this reply in my behind the scenes forum.  Feel free to drop in whenever you feel like it.  Look for WWR.  If you register an account, let me know what it is so I can give you access to the backstage.  I'm Aidan on both sets of forums and the PM functions work.