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bookshelf twitchiness

Started by Matt Wilson, May 14, 2007, 07:44:53 PM

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Matt Wilson

I'm not sure who I oughta mention this to. There's someone whose account on the bookshelf I can't seem to authorize download for. It's weird. I click the box, and it says awesome, and then I check back in a minute, and the box is unchecked.

Matt Wilson

Any updates? Still doesn't seem to be working.

Ron Edwards

Hi Matt,

I seem to remember having that problem a couple of years ago.

The man to talk to is Clinton, and he's probably too wrapped up in stuff to check this forum often. See if you can get him by email.

Best, Ron


Nope, it's still not working. I'd like to say that Clinton and I are working on it, but really Clinton is. I'm like the guy holding the flashlight (he's like "no, come ON man, point it HERE") at best.


Matt Wilson

Works for me! Thanks Forge Guys!