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Giving in DitV

Started by Andrew Cooper, May 23, 2007, 05:43:15 PM

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Andrew Cooper

There are a couple of threads in Actual Play concerning DitV and one of them is discussing Giving during a conflict and the conversation there is making me think that I'm playing incorrectly.  Here's my understanding of Giving...

GM:  (raising)  Jeb takes his gun out and shoots you in the face.
Me:  I don't want to take it that far.  I give.

The result is that Jeb didn't shoot me in the face and I don't take Fallout from it.  Giving cancels out the Raise that I gave in to.

The other thread seems to be saying that Giving means I still get shot in the face, there just aren't any mechanical consequences to it (ie. I don't take Fallout.)

Which is correct and is there a page number in the book that I can refer to?


Either. As the giver it's your choice which, case by case.

Here's what I've said about it before, very slightly edited:

Quote from: lumpley on May 01, 2007, 02:53:27 PM
When you give, you're entitled to say how your character gives - that is, what your character does with the outstanding raise - and you don't take fallout. Those are the rules.

In play, you'll find that the fictional events have momentum. Since the outcome is the same either way - your character stops swearing (for example) and you take no fallout - sometimes you'll choose to go along with the final raise, sometimes you'll choose to block or dodge it. There's no rule about which you must choose under what circumstances.


Moreno R.

Just as a precisation: I play like this for EVERY block of a raise. The player who block can say how much of the stated raise happened, keeping in consideration the narrative continuity of the actions.  It's correct?


(Excuse my errors, English is not my native language. I'm Italian.)

Andrew Cooper

Okay.  I think I've got it.  If you Give you can decide to Block or Dodge the last Raise or you can just roll with it.  Regardless, Fallout is avoided.


Moreno: yes. Good point.