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Eldritch Ass Kicking: On Sale Now!

Started by Nathan, June 07, 2002, 12:40:14 PM

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Eldritch Ass Kicking, the roleplaying game of wizard-stomping-wizard action, is now available for instant purchase. In EAK, you will create a mighty wizard with awesome power and villainous traits. Use your character to battle other wizards for control of the once beautiful kingdom of Anhelm. Explore ancient ruins, discover lost artifacts, and enter into political intrigue with half-mad wizards bent on world conquest.

A bargain for only $5.00, Eldritch Ass Kicking features complete wizard creation rules, combat rules, magickal construct rules, demon binding rules, magickal artifacts, and starter material. The PDF is 24 pages in length. Purchase it today and receive a free upgrade to the "art-rich" version to be released during Gencon.

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