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Hmmmm... Entry?

Started by Brimshack, May 31, 2007, 06:46:28 PM

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Okay, so I have a miniatures game, ETC, that we have about 90% of the way there. Actually, if I'm reading you guys right, it's about the equivalent of what you're referring to here as an Ash Can. We're going to leave it as a free PDF for awhile then tweak a few things and go to print. At some point we'll be thinking about an RPG variant, so there is plenty to develop here.

I couldn't find a place for news announcements, and I'm not sure what other portion of the forum I should put it in. Would it be best to start a subforum for Crunch-Waffle products? And if so, would you guys consider putting one up here?

Dan Wall

Ron Edwards

Hi Dan,

As far as posting goes, it all depends on whether you've playtested at all.

If you have, then post about the game in the Playtesting forum. If you haven't, then post about it in First Thoughts.

In either case, please remember that this is a discussion site, which means when you post, say something which needs discussing, or ask something. That's also why there's nowhere to announce anything in a billboard sense; the Forge doesn't serve that purpose.

If it turns out that you'd like to discuss or ask things about the publishing process, then please post in the Publishing forum.

Best, Ron


Thank You Ron,

I think I'll just go back to first thoughts and begin working out a conversion from Skirmish to RPG. We'll see where it goes from there.