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Author Topic: MLwM: The math behind the game  (Read 9750 times)
Alan De Smet

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« on: June 05, 2007, 09:41:04 PM »

I'm running my first game of My Life with Master (play report "Soon"), and I became curious about the math behind the game.  For example, theoretically a Minion can successfully refuse an order at the very start of the game, even if it's unlikely.  But exactly how unlikely is it?  I failed to turn up anyone else's math, so took a stab at it myself: My Life With Master probabilities

That poor Minion at the start of the game?  Assuming a Fear of 4 and a Self-Loathing of 1 (or any other combination totalling 5) and no initial Love, his odds are 7 out of 1,024, or about 0.68%.

I'd welcome any feedback, especially on potentially interesting ways to visualize the data so it's easier read.  This is just my initial work; it completely ignores the Intimacy/Desperation/Sincerity dice.  I haven't figured out how to represent them in the results without turning it into a impossible to read 160 row by 160 column table.
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