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Fastlane on the RPG Index

Started by Yokiboy, June 11, 2007, 05:34:01 PM

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Hey Alexander,

I submitted Fastlane to the RPG Index. I still don't have a roulette wheel, or I'd have played the game by now. It still ranks highly on my "must play" list. I love how approachable and thematic the game is. The way you start a campaign is awesome, using the game's currency to design the setting, background, antagonists, what-have-you, and when you're complete you're ready to play.



Filip Luszczyk

QuoteI still don't have a roulette wheel, or I'd have played the game by now.

Well, you could always use one of the dice methods proposed in the book.



I would definitely recommend playing it with or without a roulette wheel.  As I wound up saying in a thread on, the wheel adds a lot of atmosphere and fun to the table, but it's really the felt layout and the bidding rules that are the fuel for Fastlane's fire. (Though the "premeditation" section is definitely the foundation for Fastlane's fables). Anyway, I still prefer the wheel and suggest it over dice if possible - but I've moved my focus and emphasis to the layout even more as I've explored and considered the game.

Otherwise... thanks for both submitting Fastlane to the rpg index and secondarily letting me know it exists!  Sorry it took so long to respond but you probably know about the brain surgery and all the stuff surrounding that and to be honest, I just didn't notice the 'new' on this post for a while.  Anyway, thanks again!

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Hey no worries Alexander, I'm just glad to hear that you're okay now.

I would really like to play FastLane using a roulette wheel, but the biggest reason it hasn't come into rotation in my group is because I only own the PDF. My players are impressed by books, and the printed games just get second rated. I also own so darn many games, and bought FastLane back when I still didn't grok story games. It is still on my list of games I'd like to play though, so one of these days...