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Author Topic: [Dictionary of Mu] A Martian Armory  (Read 3151 times)

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« on: June 11, 2007, 04:14:25 PM »

Sorcerer & Sword, on page 71, suggests that in certain contexts, particular weapons should receive tactical advantages.  While as a GM I'm quite happy doing this ad hoc, I felt I would make a chart for my players, so they'd have something concrete to look at and strategize over.  The chart isn't meant to be particularly realistic--more like, flavorful enough, and real easy to adjudicate in play.

Melee Weapons
  • Battle Axe - edged damage, +1 die when outnumbered
  • Chain - fists damage, +1 die to disarm, trip, or when out of enemy's reach
  • Dagger - fists damage if at arm's length, "Nasty Handgun" damage if in real close
  • Long Spear - edged damage, +1 die when out of enemy's reach, -1 die when enemy is close, use "Nasty Handgun" damage when charging
  • Miner's Pick - edged damage, -1 die to hit, ignores conventional armor
  • Rapier - edged damage, +1 die to hit in duels against heavier weapons

Ranged Weapons
  • Auto-Flechette Pistol - Nasty Handgun damage, Lore vs. 1 die to use, +1 die vs. crowds
  • Greatbow - Nasty Handgun damage, +1 die per round up aiming (up to +3)
  • Starlight Beam Weapon - Big Autogun damage, Lore vs. 2 dice to use, -1 to -3 dice without aiming
  • Weighted Net - fists damage, see demonic "Hold" ability

  • Hide - ignore one point of temporary damage per hit
  • Maille - ignore one point of lasting damage per hit
  • Lamellar Chitin Plate - ignore one point of temporary and lasting damage per hit
  • Shield - gain +1 die for defensive rolls

I'm thinking about also changing the "after the fight" damage rules too-- the minute the fight is over, the total number of lasting penalties defines the fictional injury.  (I.e., whether you require urgent care, or what.)  Then, cut the penalties in half for subsequent actions.  I'm still thinking about how to tweak Vitality.

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