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[Afraid] Monster Bonds?

Started by MichaelCurry, June 22, 2007, 04:45:49 PM

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I'm prepping a game of Afraid for next weekend, and I've found myself stuck on choosing non-victim Bonds for the monster. The obvious choices that I come up with tend to be Bonds of nightmare, which would seem to make sense for a Monster, but the rules for Bonds say that "If the bond you name is a bond of nightmare, the die you assign it must be a d4," and then the rules for creating a Monster only provide 1d4 in the dice mix for the Monster's Bonds.

So does that rule for Bonds not apply to the Monster? Or am I just missing some obvious ideas for dark and terrible Bonds that fall into the categories of Bonds of conscience or tradition?

Michael Curry

My gaming blog: Flaming Monkey


The rules specifically call for the Monster to have Bonds of Nightmare and I believe the d4 rules is only for PC's.  This and some other "intepretive questions" are likely a product of fact Afraid is a outline/playtest document at this point.

Once it's not "letting cat out of bag" for any players who haunt these boards, please do post your monster and AP report.


Valvorik's right. The "d4s only for bonds of nightmare" rule only applies to starting PCs.



Ah...that makes more sense.  Thanks for the answers!
Michael Curry

My gaming blog: Flaming Monkey