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Started by GB Steve, June 21, 2007, 10:30:42 AM

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GB Steve

So, last night was the first game that one of our group has run for us. I don't think he had much experience of narrative gaming before he joined us about nine months ago, but he has had since.

We're playing Dogs in the Wasteland. WK didn't give us much info about the background, we're all in the US Army in the Late 60s, waiting to be shipped to Vietnam. We in basic training in South Dakota and our introductory conflict is about the training.

Then, when training has just finished, the nuclear sirens go off and we hunker in the bunkers for a couple of weeks. When we come out, we are the law and, armed with our rules of engagement, are about to go off to inspect a local township, to see if they need any help in getting back on their feet.

There are four PCs:
Lucky, a black ex-boxer who tries to avoid violence because he is frighteningly good at it.
Nate Heap III, priviliged son of a senator who is trying to prove himself, and get a good record should he need to run for president
Albie Goldman, a slacker and draft dodger, caught near the Canadian border.
Pete, a half-breed native who worked as a State Trooper.

My introductory conflict was to see if I could avoid punishment duty. I flunked (gave) and was on guard when the bombs dropped. I also had a conflict with the senator's son over whether it was the Commie's who had dropped the bomb or if it could have been a mistake by our side. I lost that too but only after it went to blows and an attempted flag burning.

We're perhaps short of the structure that usually comes with Dogs, and it appears that equipment might play a bigger role than usual, but it seems to have started pretty well. We've all got good characters with strong ideals.