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Relationship Reflection Dice Rules Question (simple!)

Started by zornwil, June 17, 2007, 11:16:31 PM

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Hi - I've been thinking something worked a certain way....and realizing after all this time, maybe I'm dead wrong...

"Add any two dice to your unassigned Relationship dice" - okay, I've taken that as literally any 2 dice, which means it pretty much ends up being 2d10, unless one goes for "Add 2d4 plus any one die to your unassigned Relationship dice" in which case you get 3 dice but 2d4+(normally)1d10. 

But then I realized, maybe this really means, add 2 dice to EXISTING die types you have?????

Please clarify.  Thanks much!  (Like I said, a simple one!)
- Wilson

Filip Luszczyk

As I understand it, you add any two dice to the unassigned Relationship dice pool, not to the existing die types. This gives you full control of the dice you have available during later sessions, and I think the assumption is that you will assign the dice to show that you are interested in conflicts with a given NPC *and* how you'd like these conflicts to come out. So, you need d4s to assign problematic Relationships, d6s to assign not so special Relationships, d8s to assign strong Relationships and d10s to assign very important Relationships.

Obviously, it's not a decision that should be made from strategic point of view, but rather as appropriate to the story you want to create about your character. Frankly, I prefer to think in strategic terms when it comes to mechanical advancement (i.e. have rules that leave place for not choosing 2d10 over and over). My current houserule for Reflection Fallout is that you choose between 2d8, 1d6 1d10 and 2d4 1d8.

Oddly, in Afraid there's no "add any dice" option. Generally, the way such mechanical choices are offered in Afraid speaks to me better than default DitV charts.