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[DitV] - Archons in the Night

Started by The Bane, June 12, 2007, 08:26:06 PM

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Oh -

So in straight Dogs, possessed people get some powers, which are mechanical bonuses in conflict. Roll their possession score (their relationship with the demon) into a physical conflict, or into a social conflict; inflict fallout a die size higher; receive fallout a die size lower.

You could give all vampires, including the PCs, those powers. The two fallout ones are precisely what you're after, I think: my punch hurts you like a gunshot, your gunshot hurts me like a punch.

Does that make sense?


David Artman

OK, that works for me, and it avoids a lot of re-skinning.

And I suppose you handle Aggravated damage stuff as d4s for the PCs (Vulnerable to Sunlight, ... to Fire, ... to Silver) instead of within the escallation and fallout aspects. Again, because Aggravated damage is the "scary-bad stuff" for vamps, as guns are in DitV and the supernatural is in Afraid.

Hmmm... hey, The Bane, you might just want to try this with Afraid, but allow "monster PCs."
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For sunlight and silver and stuff, I'd just assign them a fallout die size. Like maybe it's:

Sunlight d10
Fire d8
Silver d8
Wooden stake to the heart d10
Garlic d6
Beheading d10
Holy water d8

And I raise "I throw my coin collection at you!" and you have to take the blow, so you take d8s for fallout, for the silver, where a normal person would take d6s, for the non-weapon attack. "I pull the curtains down!" and you have to take the blow, so you take d10s for fallout for the sunlight, where to a normal person it wouldn't even be a raise.

(This is just Dogs' ceremony rules, by the way.)


The Bane

Wow! OK, I'm digging on what your saying. Much more so than before, specially with pointing out the 'Ceremony' fallout! Thanks Lumpley (Vincent) for clarifying this for me. I must give this a whirl, if I can get a PbP game going of it!  My DitV PbP game is going great! We are cruising through the Accomplishments and I hope to have a write up of it posted soon. Do write ups go here or some place else?

David ~ I started to check out the link of Afraid and it seemed similar enough to DitV that I thought I would get it, but then I ran into the 'Monster' page and wow was I discombobulated! I don't know if it was just late on a long day or if I don't grasp all the aspects of the original game. I definitely plan on re-reading it but I imagine that I will be posting some questions in another thread about it, if the re-read goes as the initial read did.

Thanks everyone! It is nice to have gotten a game that is so well supported by the author and the gaming community.

The Bane