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[FitV] & NWN: The game I'm looking for.

Started by XSiberia, July 11, 2007, 07:19:46 PM

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Hello forum!

I discovered DitV (and "The Forge") this morning, by way of the conversion Firefly in the Verse--which I found linked here. It looks fascinating! I've been out of gaming since 9/11 (active duty military), but I'm transitioning now to civilian life and trying to find out how to pick up the hobby again, by internet or in Washington D.C., and this is something that's captured my interest.

How can I find more about where and how these kinds of innovative games are played? Preferably with other career & family types who have lost both the unlimited time and metabolism of their youth!

What I think would be ideal is plugging FitV into the NWN Firefly conversion, Nightfire, to govern the social interactions while letting the platform handle tactical combat, etc. The module is already designed for DM campaigns, and this would just be a case of the DM replacing the suggested T20 system with the FitV system.

Is there anything like this going on out there?




Hey, welcome!

Look up my friend Sydney Freedberg, he's around here somewhere and he lives in DC (and he's a career & family type). He's a cool guy.

I kind of intentionally keep myself out of the loop about online Dogs play, so I have no idea if people are doing what you say. Anybody?


The Bane

Welcome back into the fold (civilian) and thanks for serving!

Archer has a PbP (Play by Post) game going <HERE> and I have one started on RPol. I find this form of playing enjoyable and is conducive to career/family orientated people. I got of the service in 2000, in a location that is far beyond suburbia and found online the easiest place to play ~ as I work long hours training soldiers and still want to maintain my family life too.

Archer's game is just starting and he did ask for another player a while back. Don't know if he could squeeze you in. I have a slot that you could fill. In my game we have finished Initiations and have arrived to the first town and a serious drought brought on by something sinister. *Insert evil GM laugh*

Let me know, or contact Archer at the link above, if you are interested in playing DitV by PbP. Oh, almost forgot. One of my players never played before and liked my game so much that he bought the rules and is starting a fresh game of DitV on the same site my game is on. I bet you could get into that one, check out the 'Looking for GMs' thread at the link to my game. You can send me an rMail to the same handle as I use here.

The Bane


Thank you both so much!

I will definitely check out those forums. I'm still just dipping my toe in the water at this point, however. I wouldn't want to commit to anyone until after I settle into my new job (starts first week of August). I'm just doing the leg-work right now--but I am quite interested and appreciate the pointers.

Sydney/DC gamers, if you are around here somewhere, feel free to email me!

The desire to game DitV using the Neverwinter Nights engine remains a goal, but I admit an unlikely one. I won't continue to flog it here, though. If this catches anyone's interest, I will be beating this dead horse over on the Neverwinter Nights Connections site.

Thanks again!



Hiya Jay (and thanks for the plug, Bane).

On PbP House, incidentally, our members include quite a few Firefly enthusiasts, including some game designers from the Firefly system and it's forthcoming generic core system, Cortex. If you wanted to get a Firefly DitV variant going if there wouldn't be some takers.
PbP HOUSE. Games Live Here.
High-quality play-by-post roleplaying.

The Bane

Play it there (PbP House) and I'm in! I just have so many sites to check in a day it's daunting at times. I could possibly help you, as well as the game designers might chime it - I know at least one is familiar with DitV, with the conversion as well.

The Bane

PS - No sweat Archer = )  I don't plug stuff that I don't think is worth... well plugging.  = /


Great, thanks again for the scoop. I was not aware of either of these two sites and they both look like tremendous resources.

I've got four papers to finish in the next six says before I start a new internship, so I can't jump into anything immediately (I was testing the waters). I'll lurk a bit, and hopefully get into a game in not too long!