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Author Topic: [Mechaton] Unintentional Rules Drift/Damage variant  (Read 1968 times)

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« on: July 24, 2007, 02:31:41 PM »

So I introduced some unintentional rules drift into the Mechaton games at the con this weekend - specifically, that white dice could be lost whenever the defender wanted (instead of only as the last two hits).

It made for some tough decisions: Do I give up my weapon (and its ranged capability and two attack dice) or lose the flexibility of the white die.  Sometimes people were even choosing to give up a white die rather than lose the red d8 of their second weapon. (I imagine this would be a perfectly viable choice for a back-line artillery mech, or possibly even a melee skirmisher that gets its movement from the green d8.)

It also made for an incredible multi-round exchange when two melee-focused mechs who had been duking it out were both reduced to hit-and-run with one melee weapon (and the green d8).  A trail of parts strewn across the battlefield, a mech with defense zero somehow surviving a 5-die attack, and the glorious victory of Clawzor over the Brute. (They had so much fun they forgot to go after the satellite.)

If you're going to go this way, though, blue and yellow dice don't present the tough choices that red (and to a lesser extent green) do.  Yellow dice are easily fixed - disallow spotting unless you have a yellow die (much like the Green die's ability to ignore cover).  But blue dice need to have something special - otherwise there's no reason not to discard them first.

Pictures once I get 'em off of my wife's camera.
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