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Author Topic: [Sorcerer] Validate Preparation?  (Read 2708 times)

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My name is René.

« on: July 29, 2007, 12:32:20 PM »

Hi everyone,
I'm not really experienced with the sorcerer system and so I'd like to get feedback on my preparation for the second session of sorcerer. An actual play report of the first session can be found here:

To summarize it:
Claire is a stereotypical witch who lost her castle in the last session.
Kicker: Yezariel, a sorcerer, awaits her as she gets back to her raided castle.
Connor is some type of highlander.
Kicker: The english queen who was captured by him has been killed.

There are seven persons of relevance (relationship map):
Malcolm - leader of the tribe & pretty old (grandfather of Claire - and uncle of Connor)
Ruth - married to Malcom but she is not satisfied and has an affair with Adam
Adam - mentor of Connor. Has an affair with Ruth - they will run away in the first part of the session - he is also about to quit his sorcerous career
John - father of Claire - He wants to be leader of the tribe. Therefore he will kill Ruth and Adam (I thought he would command Adams demon to do it and bind him after it. Later he will try to kill Malcolm and/or Connor (because he his very ambitous too)
Joanna - was killed by Connor for him to get his powers. She was resurrected by Yezariel. (Rule-wise I will treat her like a possesor with vitality in a dead body)
Yezariel - wants to hold the balance between the worlds. He thinks that through the sacrifice of Joanna she has been bound to the "demon world" (whatever that is) and to keep the balance another demon has to be brought into this world.
Jack - loves Claire. He is the victim of a possesor demon bound to Yezariel.

Additional I spiked the Kicker up a bit:
Yezariel needs somebody who supports him while summoning a big demon while jack & joanna are copulating so that joanna will give birth to a demon who will bring the balance.
Henceforth he presents himself to Claire and will let his demon attack her so she can prove her usefulness.

One of his demons will notice him (of course in the middle of the night) that strange things are happening. when he look for his prisoner he will notice that a) the queen is dead and b) that the attacker was Joanna. "She" will then try to run away using "her" Cloak ability.

- Jack is posessed. [Claire]
- Joanna is "alive" (presented in the first scene). [Connor]
- Adam makes his plans obvious to Connor. [Connor]
- (Later:) Adam and Ruth are killed.[Both]
- John is going for the throne and is a sorcerer. [Both]


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« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2007, 04:12:54 PM »

Hi Rene, I want to comment but it might take me a while to read through your post and the other thread.  In case you would like to see some preparation-in-progress, just as an example, here is the preparation, start-to-finish, of our recent Sorcerer game.

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