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Posts eating monster sighted?

Started by Filip Luszczyk, August 12, 2007, 10:29:21 PM

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Filip Luszczyk

So, this was posted by ODDin in another thread:

QuoteHmm, that's weird, I could swear I posted in this thread, yet I see no post, nor did I get any message about it being deleted or something. Was it actually deleted (if so, why?) or was it just my Explorer rolling a 1 in its Post Message skill?

I've experienced exactly the same thing today, other than I'm not using Internet Explorer. Initially, I thought that it was some mistake of mine, but since another person had the same problem today. It would be a rather strange coincidence if we both critically botched our rolls the same day :)

Has anybody experienced the same problem? Server errors? Bug alert?

Ron Edwards

No posts are deleted here, with very rare exceptions of total porn spam and similar. A real person's post might get sent to the Inactive File, but I always notify someone I've done that.

So! This is a Vincent problem.

Best, Ron


Until I can find and kill it - and really, even after that, pretty much always - I recommend as a good practice copying and pasting your posts into a text editor before you hit submit. You never know.