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Please allow me to introduce myself...

Started by Bossy, August 17, 2007, 12:16:14 PM

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I've skimmed through The Forge and couldn't find a thread for my-name-is-my-feats-are... Polite people introduce themselves and feel awkward at posting for the first time in a forum without doing so. A sticky thread would be a nice place for newcomers to tell about themselves.

Ron Edwards

Hi there,

As for politeness, this is a working site. We're not here to socialize. Courtesy is really important here, but it's a different kind from what's called courtesy at most of the internet. To learn about that stuff, check out the sticky posts at the top of this forum.

Welcome! It's nice to have you here. But again, this place is for doin' the work, and contributing meaningfully. Who you are will become apparent from what you have to say.

You can choose any forum to start posting, although I recommend spending time at Actual Play. Tell us about a game experience you've had, and what happened, and what it was like for you and the other real people.

Best, Ron