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Author Topic: Ninja Princess Usagi-chan Go!  (Read 4130 times)
Filip Luszczyk

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« on: August 23, 2007, 09:51:28 AM »

Bunny ninja princesses will punish you in the name of the Moon!

Trained in the Blessed Burrow they travel the land, sent by the Bunny Empress to protect her subjects from  evil spirits and the wicked.

Credits for the idea go to Kamil Wegrzynowicz. Until he's done writing a game for this, we'll have to satisfy ourselves with a DitV mod.

Pride (manifests as injustice)

...leads to...

Angst (manifests as monsters, natural disasters, bands of ronin, or whatever causes insecurity to the community)

...leads to...

Decadence (manifests as acceptance of wicked deeds and turning away from tradition)

...leads to...

Corruption (manifests as darkness within the community: forbidden magic, youma and plain villainy)

...leads to...

Pain and nightmare

Demonic Influence is substituted by Angst:
1d10 - Injustice
2d10 - Threat
3d10 - Decadence
4d10 - Corruption
5d10 – Pain & Nightmare

All characters need to have I'm a Ninja Princess as a Trait or a Relationship with Ninja Princesses.

Magic should be taken as Trait if it's a special technique, as Relationship if it summons a spirit or as Belonging if it comes from an artifact. Arena and fallout correspond to the effect: d4s if non-physical and non-violent; d6s if physical; d8s if violent, but non-lethal; d10s if violent and lethal. Activation words (technique's name or an incantation) should be written down on the sheet and shouted by the player to access its dice.

Cloak is substituted by battle garment. To access its dice the player needs to narrate a magical girl bunny transformation, shouting whatever the character tends to for an added awesome.

Sharp things get the bonus +d4.

Unarmed bunny-fu deals d8s, sharp things deal d10s in Fallout.

Ceremony is substituted by acting kawaii, and can be used against everything that wears black. Even if it's a black veil over one's heart.
d4s for verbal cuteness.
d6s for visual fanservice.
d8s for physical intimacy.

It's like Usagi Yojimbo meets Grenadier. It's like Sailor Moon meets Ninja Scroll. It's meant to be played absolutely seriously, of course. No forced silliness, no needless excess, no overt yiff. Full Metal Narrativism.

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