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Actual Play Reports

Started by Parthenia, August 24, 2007, 04:16:58 PM

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This is actually a demo report, but thank you Clyde for posting it. Bittersweet.

Hans Otterson

I'm going to be running a game of SAJ at Go Play NW later this month, and in all the AP I've found I haven't been able to answer this question (I'm downloading the Bear's Grove AP as I type, so that may answer it):

In a one-shot, is it recommended to reduce to number of goals the players create in an effort to get to play (everything-as-play notwithstanding)? I ask this because I believe the slot of time I have to run it in is 2 1/2 hours long, with 4 players, and it seems to me that having each player coming up with 9 things minimum (3 Goals-Motives-Tasks) in addition to Attributes and Relations will take a significant bite out of our time.


With a one session, 1-2 goals and a reduced number of motives and tasks works well. One goal can be large and over-reaching (like escape, rebellion, etc) and one goal can be smaller (like get new shoes, tell someone I'm sweet on her.)

Let me know how it goes!


Hans Otterson

Thanks for the suggestion. I know it's old news, but the lecture you gave that Sam recorded was simply awesome, by the way.