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A couple of questions

Started by Snuggles_The_Elf, March 01, 2010, 09:06:12 PM

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Hopefully somebody's still monitoring the forums here - just started planning my game, and a couple of questions came up during character creation.

First - the Looks stat.

It seems a bit odd that somebody with a low Looks stat would be forced to take additional personality flaws, especially ones like Obnoxious or Tactless.  Plus Ugly is listed as one of the possibles, and there is no Ugly flaw (yes, I know it could be easily made up).  I mean, isn't somebody with a low Looks stat by definition Ugly?  I presume that this was to give some kind of game mechanic to the stat, since there are no Charisma or social interaction skills.  Hmm... now that I think about it, was this an attempt to allow people to choose their particular variety of social awkwardness?  Normally I would expect somebody who wanted an Obnoxious character to just select the Obnoxious flaw and leave it at that, rather than having a stat to require he do that.

Second - stat modifiers for Fae

There is a character creation example of a Fae with positive modifiers, but none with negative mods.  Positive modifiers seem to be built into the min/max attribute chart on p28, thus somebody with a +1 to their stat has the stat minimum (and thus starting value) increased by 1.  Does that mean that somebody with a -1 to the stat simply decreases his maximum value?  Or do they actually need to pay extra build points to raise the stat up above the minimum?  I tend to believe the former, but if so it's a bit poorly worded and not fully explained.