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Ex-Wizard shows some love to indie games.

Started by SaintandSinner, September 06, 2007, 08:04:02 PM

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Ryan Dancy is talking up non-traditional formats for gaming.  Specifically gives props to Ron etal at this board.  Kinda interesting...maybe we will take over the (gaming) world, even if it's one person at a time.


At the Summery be says:

"I'd like to particularly thank the community of designers in the "indie RPG movement", who have taken the lead on exploring issues of design outside the envelope of tradition (and often the economic envelope as well), and for reporting back on their successes and failures.  Ron Edwards, in particular, is owed a deep debt of gratitude for creating a nascent community of freethinkers to push & prod the industry in the right direction.  I thank also Luke Crane, whom I consider the last in a long line of self-published RPG visionaries, stretching back through Peter Adkison, Jordan Weisman, Mark Rein°Hagen, Jonathan Tweet, Greg Stafford, Kevin Siembieda, Steve Jackson and Dave Arneson & Gary Gygax.  If we're all lucky, Luke (and Ron, and many of the other Indie RPG talents) will be the first of the self-published Storytelling Game visionaries."

Callan S.

If were lucky, they'll be the first of the self-published Storytelling Game visionaries? Whatever Ron is, he's been chugging along being his thing for years now (if you want to name it being a storytelling game visionary, or whatever). Same with a few other indie guys here and elsewhere it seems. Odd thing to say - there's no luck, they just went and did it and continue to.

Mostly a rambling comment. It just struck me as odd.
Philosopher Gamer

Ron Edwards


Ryan has participated a fair amount at the Forge in earlier years; his username is "ryand" if you're interested in looking up his posts.

Although it was nice of you to provide the link, I'm not seeing much of a discussion topic here. We should probably close this thread. If anyone wants to discuss the content of Ryan's blog series and his comments about the Forge and/or independent publishing, then the Publishing forum is the right place to do it.

Best, Ron