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Author Topic: [Poison'd] A Boring Thread About Theory  (Read 9180 times)
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« Reply #15 on: September 17, 2007, 06:14:44 AM »

There was something else cool about Poison'd I wanted to talk about, and I remembered what!

You know how you mark the violence your character suffered at the hands of former Capt Pallor? That's really good stuff. As GM, you need to pay super close attention to those, they give you his character.

One cool thing is when everybody independently marks the same things. In our GenCon game, the tone was set when two or more players marked "damnation": their characters had suffered damnation at Brimstone Jack's hands. Fuckin' A.

Another cool thing is when one person marks a bunch of things, and another marks few or none. There's a bastard captain who had his favorites.

And the third cool thing is when no one marks much at all. Then "Brimstone" came from his treatment of his enemies, not of his crew, and you can make him a gentleman or a good captain.

However it turns out, by noticing those marks you can totally play the guy in flashbacks. In fact, I've found that it makes me excited to play him, so I'm enthusiastic about suggesting flashbacks. As soon as a player doesn't know what to have her pirate do for Xs, I'm there with a good flashback.

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