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Universalis Flow Charts

Started by Ry, September 14, 2007, 07:43:41 PM

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Well, here they are.  This is as far as I'm going to take the concept until I have an actual play session coming up.

I hereby pass yon torch to anyone who would like to contribute.

The weakest links are the Creating / Changing components sections; they don't differentiate between Master / Sub components, Relationship Traits, and so on. 

Here's the link to the document:

Mike Holmes

I haven't read it all in detail to see if there are any flaws, but... what I did read looked very accurate. All in all it looks very... complete. That's a lot of work you put into that.

Do you think it'll help in actual play? It certainly takes something that I think is pretty simple and makes it very complicated by the precise explication. How many folks out there would use this flowchart?

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Both my wife and my friend Jeff thought the diagrams looked intimidating, but then found the flow of the game very simple once we did 1 pass through during the explanation. 

But of course that was with me (who had just spent serious time breaking down Universalis) right there.


Oh, and as for purpose, the exercise had multiple goals:

1)  Have something to fall back on in actual play
2)  Have a solid framework for proposing new Rules Gimmicks / brainstorm on how I could mix Universalis with other games
3)  Be able to compare Universalis to other games
4)  Train up my flowchart building skills for actual work-related project management
5)  Learn Universalis in preparation for the upcoming game (now needs to be rescheduled, but still)