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[Grey Ranks] Slight confusion regarding modifying dice

Started by coffeestain, September 20, 2007, 04:22:35 PM

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Hey.  So, it seems pretty clear that when you invoke, threaten, or destroy the Thing Held Most Dear that you can replace an already allocated die or even re-roll it entirely if you don't like the result.  That's cool.  Does the same apply to Reputation dice?  For example, could I hand my d4 over for my Mission Scene and, when I roll a 2, decide to change it to my d6 right there, re-rolling it?  I think the answer is yes, but it doesn't seem as explicit in the rules.

Also, regarding narration, if I hand over a d4 for my Mission Scene, I assume I get to narrate a tremendous personal success even if I'm going to later change that die to a d12, correct?  It seems this would have to be the case but, again, I just want to make sure I understand correctly.


Steve Segedy

Hey Daniel!

You are correct on both counts.  You can bring in your Reputation dice in place of the standard D4 any time you like.  You can even use multiple Reputation dice (D6, D8, etc.) in rapid succession during one scene, if you're feeling desperate.  Also, when you put any die forward for the mission scene, you narrate the success or failure indicated by the die size right then, in your scene.   The die will be rolled later with all the other mission dice by the leader.  If at that point you want to burn Reputation or Thing Held Dear dice to change the outcome, that's perfectly acceptable. 

Of course, while there's no need to change your earlier mission scene narration because of this re-roll, you should certainly incorporate your sacrifice into the mission narrative- how did your change in reputation or your invocation of your Family or Friends affect the mission?

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Hey, Steve!  Thanks for the prompt reply.  Those are all the answers I expected and they make perfect sense, so great!  I think it's the only part of the text I found at all ambigious.

I'm looking forward to giving the game a spin!


Jason Morningstar

Hey Daniel,

Let us know how it goes, or if you any additional questions prior to play.  One thing I like to point out about the dice you have as resources - their utility changes over the course of the game.  There's an optimal time to apply each, because Reputation must be spent in sequence.  That d6 isn't going to be too useful in chapter eight, unless you really want to fail (which you might).  So there's some strategy involved in employing them, which (ideally) will see characters undergoing profound changes just as the uprising starts to go sour.