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Seriously, the edit button has got to come back

Started by David C, October 02, 2007, 08:52:12 AM

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David C

Ok, I know this has come up before and the reasons the edit button isn't there. However, I also know there are forums that allow limited editing (30 minutes after the post was added) and that seems to accomplish your goal while allowing people to fix things like the URL in this post I also know that you guys are overworked and underpaid* ('cause you aren't), so I realize that this might just not be feasible now since it might require a little advanced PHP.

*speaking of which, I think everybody who uses this site, and as we are grateful, wouldn't mind seeing a text google ads on here. Just a thought.
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Ron Edwards


The last time we set this stuff up, we permitted a brief window for editing. I'd thought that was still the case, but apparently it didn't survive the last update for whatever reason.

Anyway, my point is that a brief window for editing has worked out well here in the past and we might as well have it around again. So Vincent's activating a 10-minute window, effective whenever he gets around to it.

Thanks for pointing out the need, Dave.

Everyone: please do not abuse the edit function by altering your post after others have replied. Also, if the 10 minutes have passed, and if there's some aggravating format error that you need fixed (like the link Dave used as an example), then send me a private message and I'll most likely fix it without any hassle.

Best, Ron


David Artman

Might as well change the "news" or "updates" message at the top of the forum, which is now incorrect.
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I guess there's no hope for those of us who, under the recently overthrown no-edit dictatorship, realized immediately upon hitting Submit in the early morning hours while posting on a topic that was near and dear to their heart that their post had unfortunately them sound like a total douchebag and scrambled desperately to hit "back" / "undo" / "for the love of god let me destroy the evidence," eh?

Ron Edwards

Nope! The only solution is to wait until the small hours of the night have passed, and post during the bright, glorious, illuminated, well-rested, and well-reflected-upon light of day.

In less flowery terms, I compose most of my posts in a word-processing file, and I don't post them immediately. I review them later before posting into the forums, first for whether a post needs to be added in the first place, and second whether it says what needs saying. That way the inspiration of the small hours, if any, can be scraped free of its bleariness.

Also in less flowery terms, and when the above advice happens not to work out, it's perfectly OK to post again to say, "well look, I was a douchebag in that post, here's the real me saying what I really mean, this time." I've had to do that every so often, actually.

Best, Ron

Moreno R.

Is the window still active? I posted a message (in the Lumpley subforum) less than two minutes ago but I couldn't edit the errors afterwards...

(Excuse my errors, English is not my native language. I'm Italian.)

Filip Luszczyk

Actually, a while back I've been looking for a way to edit a post just after posting it as well, but couldn't find any.