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Pictures in Publishing

Started by Graham W, October 15, 2007, 12:10:50 PM

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Graham W

I've recently made a game with custom dice. I'd like to post, in Publishing, about how I made them, where I got the various components and so on: one of those "How to do it" posts I've found so helpful in the past.

It'd be useful to include pictures in this post. Might you reconsider the policy on posting pictures for posts of this type?


Ron Edwards

Hi Graham,

Sometimes I've allowed pictures, usually for reasons along the lines of what you're describing. So yes, you can post them in this case.

1. Please keep them small in both dimensions and bytes - no pics which take over the whole screen, no multi-MB mondo-resolution masterpieces.

2. Please link to this thread to make the permission explicit.

To everyone: this is a case-by-case issue. Do not post later with something similar in the assumption that permission for Graham, in this case, applies to you.

Best, Ron