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[Dungeon Squad] rules question

Started by Monkeys, October 26, 2007, 08:13:07 AM

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I've just downloaded this game, and I have a rules question:

You assign a dice to Magician, but it also says you can assign your d6 and/or your d10 to spells (actually it says Sorcerers can assign both dice, but I'm assuming that doesn't refer to an actual requirement, it's just saying that if you do this then presumably your character is based around magic).

I'm not sure what the rule is on when to use the Magician dice, and when to use dice you might have assigned to spells.


In case anyone else had the same question, Jason Morningstar just messaged me:

You use your Wizard die (d4, d8, or d12) to successfully cast the spell.  6 or better in combat, 2 or better otherwise.

You use your stuff die (d6 or d10) for the successful spell's effect.  Read the descriptions of the spells; all require a die roll for something.