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[The Committee] Third Printing Revisions

Started by Eric J. Boyd, September 06, 2008, 06:36:15 AM

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Eric J. Boyd

I'm happy to report that The Committee recently entered its third printing, so thanks to all those who have supported the game. In setting up for the new print run, I made a couple small changes to the game text to reflect tweaks to the rules that I was seeing used to good effect in actual play. These are both rules that could potentially be inferred from the prior text (since people were already doing so), but making them explicit gets everyone on the same page. Here they are:

1) I revised the text for "Revealing Hitherto Unknown Abilities" to note that one Acclaim can be spent to gain another use of an already existing unattached descriptor or to gain a completely new one. Some unattached descriptors are too awesome to use only once.

2) I revised the text for hazard resolution to explicitly allow a player to narrate the use of descriptors for attributes other than the one they are currently using to gain additional descriptor dice to overcome the hazard. Each attribute descriptor can still only be used a number of times equal to the number of dice in that attribute, but this lets you bring in such descriptors whenever it makes sense to do so, not only when you're using that particular attribute.

So those are the changes. Feel free to hit me with any questions.