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Phantom messages

Started by Andrew Barton, December 10, 2007, 11:21:59 AM

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Andrew Barton

When I logged in just now, I was told 'you have 2 messages, 2 are new'.  Clicking on this takes me to a messages display, which doesn't show any messages.  Where did they go?



Scroll further down on this page to discover the answer. 


Sometime in the spring everybody got two PMed porn spams. Clinton mass-deleted them, but for some people the "you have 2 new messages" notice remained. I'm not sure whether it'll go away with time, or what.

site technical admin

Eero Tuovinen

It's not going away, at least not without database manipulation. Whether you see the phantom messages is simply a function of whether you were here to check the messages in the interval between everybody receiving them and Clinton mass-deleting them. The mass-deletion didn't manipulate the new-message-counter or whatever, you see, and now there's no message to read to remove the notification. In other words: if you have phantom messages, at least you didn't see the dong, and if you saw the dong, then you don't have the phantoms. Such a heritage.
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