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Fairytale/Noir Rewrites

Started by JustinB, February 01, 2008, 10:27:10 PM

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Okay, let's play a game. The "rules" of the game are that you take a fairytale or noir story and turn it into a Fae Noir story, basically. Here are a couple that I think are fun:

Rumplestiltskin: A woman offers a demon anything it wants if it can get her married to the son of a wealthy industrialist. The demon demands that she and her husband sacrifice the child to it in a dark magical rite. The players have to stop this from happening, but must learn the demon's name to ultimately defeat it, because it's much too powerful to face otherwise.

Jack and the Beanstalk: A young street boy, Jack, sees something he shouldn't while robbing a rich man, who turns out to be a mafia boss (possibly supernatural in nature or the Fairy Godfather). Now he's on the run with information that could put a major underworld figure away for life.

Little Red Riding Hood: A prostitute is killed and eaten by a cult of Nethrac Tuatha led by a werewolf who have hidden themselves in New York in an effort to sate their hunger for human flesh. Unlike previous victims, the blood-drenched ghost of Hood comes back for revenge, enlisting the PCs as her mortal tools. Will she be satisfied by killing one wolf? Or will she go on to "find" others?

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears: Goldie, an all-around gun-moll is sleeping with the boss of a small criminal syndicate, a street-tough troll looking to move up in the world, and Tex, the female owner of a couple of speakeasies and brothels. For the past year, she's been using their fears and ambitions against them, playing them off each other in an attempt to create a criminal syndicate of her own. It all comes crashing down when the syndicate boss hires a new Prognosticator who discovers Goldie's activities. Now all three of her ex-lovers want her dead. She's socked up a lot of money by robbing them blind, though, and can afford to hire some protection. Bonus XP if the PCs can get Goldie to say the old too hot, too cold, just right lines.
Check out Fae Noir, a game of 1920's fantasy.


Interesting game, and I think the Red Riding Hood is a GREAT campaign idea (as long as a PC serves as the undead Hood).  Perhaps a campaign that consists of a bunch of these Noir Fairy Tales, with each character having their own driving force, having some means of having an over-arcing story that keeps the PCs together.

My idea for a Fae Noir Fairy Tale:

Animal Farm (which at one point was considered a fairy tale):  A group of underpaid Goblins work at several nightclubs, each owned by one of the PCs.  They convince the Trolls/Ogres that work as bouncers and other employees (such as Tuatha accountants) that they would be better owners and enlist their help in dispensing of the PC owners.  The PCs now must find a way to gain back their clubs or find out who/what is behind the takeover.