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A BTRC forum?

Started by Beatnik gamer, January 26, 2008, 07:36:33 AM

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Beatnik gamer

Could we please have a BTRC forum so that fhans of EABA, CORPS, etc, can have a place to meet and talk?

I've talked with Greg Porter re one and he doesn't want to run one but would drop into one if it existed and answer questions. I tried to get one set up on another site and they said they'd "get back with me on it" several months ago.

So could we have one here? BTRC is a small, indie operation and I don't see why it wouldn't deserve one here.

Ron Edwards


When and if Greg requests a BTRC forum here, he will get one. He and his company practically define "independent" in terms of the Forge, and that's not an accident because BTRC was one of the inspirations for the original Forge's existence.

Best, Ron


I appreciate that. I'm just not sure BTRC warrants it and I've already got the EABA and CORPS Yahoo groups for general announcements and such. Russ, find me a handful of people who want a dedicated BTRC forum here and I'll make the request to Ron. Otherwise, the current Yahoo and Forge structure works for me just fine without adding anything else to it.