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Author Topic: [Hounds on the Moor/Afraid] Sanity risk dice  (Read 1800 times)

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« on: February 03, 2008, 10:56:27 AM »

I went through the "Call of Cthulhu" bestiary last night and calculated approximate dice values for the Sanity risk each creature poses.  I tried to alter the dice depending on each spread, but hopefully this will approximate well.  The application is unclear at this time: presumably these would be monster dice used for Sanity conflicts (in "Hounds" terminology) or an outline for supernatural traits (in "Afraid") should the existing amounts be insufficient for Mythos use.

One thing I failed to do was list an example Mythos creature with each die type. "Save" means the original amount of Sanity lost on a successful save, "Fail" of course, means the amount lost on a failed save, "Max" was just the maximum loss potential, and "Hounds" is the die conversion for a "Dogs"-based system.

Save   Fail   Max   Hounds
0   1   1   1d4
0   1   1   1d4
1   1d3   3   1d4
0   1d4   4   1d6
0   1d6   6   1d8 (common Mythos creatures)
1   1d6   6   2d4 (common Mythos creatures)
0   1d8   8   3d4
1   1d6+2   8   2d6
0   1d10   10   4d4
1   1d10   10   2d8
1d3   1d10   10   3d6
1d6   2d6   12   2d10
1d4   2d6+1   13   2d10
1d4   1d20   20   3d10
1d6   1d20   20   3d10
2   1d20   20   5d6
1d3   1d20   20   5d6
1d4   1d20   20   4d8
1d3   2d10   20   4d8
1   01-100   100   10d10 (Yog Sothoth)
1d10   01-100   100   10d10 (other Great Old Ones)

-- Devon

Dreams of Deirdre
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