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[DRYH] Seeking advice for short game

Started by JC, February 06, 2008, 10:09:29 PM

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hey :)

I'm GMing a short game of DRYH this Saturday for two friends, and I'm looking for advice

I'm thinking:
- use higher Pain ratings
- after the intro scene, go for one or two "what's underneath" scene, then finish with a "what's your path scene"

any other ideas for short games?


Actually, what you want to do is start them out at 1 or 2 Exhaustion and hit them with high pain ratings right out the door (to generate you some Despair coins and to get them to push their Exhaustion up and roll some Madness) and then ease up in the middle act to roll lower pain that gives their Exhaustion and/or Madness a chance to dominate.  Then in the big What's Your Path at the end, ramp up the Pain again, but be merciless about using Despair to push them closer to snapping or crashing.

I'd also recommend using an alternate rule for "helping" -- they can use their Exhaustion or their Madness to help each other, but they *can't* use Discipline.  This means they can push for bigger successes together, but increases the chances of the side-effects.